[Herbalist] Pomanders-roses

BJ of NZ bjofnz at yahoo.co.nz
Mon Jan 27 18:05:52 PST 2003

I'm interested in the history of pomanders
I've seen the decorated Orbs suspended on a chain
(tudor accesories)-and maybe falsely imagined these
stuffed with fragrant herbs or wax herb balls -basicly
a perfumed substance
and I've labeled these pomemander

Then theres the modern Practice of taking a citrus and
beribboning it then inserting cloves in it and rolling
it in a spice mix-dried it makes a perfumed ball

now oranges as we know them are 17th century or 20th

what would a period Pomemander be?


 when did the cloven orange type appear??

Bj of Nz -Bea of Ildhafn

>    3. Re: roses (Jenne Heise)
> I haven't found any evidence of rose-petal beads in
> period, though damask
> powder was apparently sometimes used in pomanders as
> was rose oil.
> Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, mka Jennifer Heise>


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