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Last year’s Estrella War dye demo was so much fun that the event
want another.  This Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) event runs
February 12 to 17, 2003, in Estrella Park, Goodyear, Arizona.  There will
dyeing every day, all through the event.  I’ll also teach 2 adult dye
classes and at least one children’s dye class.

If you attend the War, please come by the Demo Area and join the fun!
drop spindles, spinning wheels or looms and a chair and keep me company.
Please pass the word to the spinning and weaving groups, as I don't
to any of them.

We need more stoves to keep dye pots simmering, so if you can spare your
propane stove between breakfast and dinner, please let us know.  If we’re
not in the Demo Area, we’ll be in our Griffin Dyeworks merchant booth #2,
adjacent to the Demo Area.

A new feature this year is “Dye-A-Scarf” where you can purchase a long
scarf and dye it yourself (or I will do it).  Our merchant booth will
have some roving, ready to spin and/or dye, as well as carding combs,
spindles, buttons, beads, and good company.

I didn't make the deadline for getting my "What Was Period When?" book
so it won't be available at Estrella.

If interested in participating in any way, contact me with your email
address so I’m not answering to the whole list and boring everyone who is
not interested in this project.

Bjo Trimble (SCA: Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani)


Happy 2003!  I'm updating "On the Good Ship Enterprise" & need your fun
stories & photos!  & remembering fun Trek stories!  Daughter Lora just
bought her own beauty salon in Monrovia so you're invited to the Grand
Opening of "The Big Tease" on April 5!

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