[Herbalist] Oranges and Pomemanders?

Jenne Heise jenne at mail.browser.net
Thu Jan 30 09:19:10 PST 2003

> > From the OED:
> sorry my ignorence is showing
> what is OED and is it availible  in electronic form

Sorry! The OED is the Oxford English Dictionary (one of the best sources
for word history). I copied the definition out of our electronic
subscription, but it's only available as a subscription database online.
Many big libraries have the OED in print, and I think there was a CD-ROM
version too.

> I've been looking into period oranges and have heard
> about a danish import list and A 15 century recipt
> calling for the use of seville Orange
> has anybody any other references

What are you looking to find out about oranges? Sweet vs. Sour oranges and
when the sweet ones came into use?

> Thankyou jesemond for this- By oranges I was
> specificly refering to the California naval oranges
> that are commonly found in Nz

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