[Herbalist] plant and garden companies

Maggie MacDonald maggie5 at cox.net
Mon May 19 16:15:16 PDT 2003

Iasmin  said something like:

>Greetings on a fine and sunny Sunday morning,
>Over the last few weeks I have been periodically adding a slew of links
>to our baronial website link library. As I spent the weekend tugging
>weeds out of my own garden, I thought that perhaps one area that could
>use work in the link library was gardens & herbcraft section. Do people
>have places they shop online for period plants and gardens or gardening
>supplies from period? I'm curious to know and also eager to add more
>links for our "budding" plant enthusiasts in the barony.

I recently ordered and received some henna plants from Companion Plants out
of Ohio.  (Their webpage is at http://www.companionplants.com/ )

The plants arrived here in wonderful condition, and were even sprouting new
leaves inside a couple of days (all my reading on the web had said that
henna plants went into shock and dropped all their leaves when moved).

They have wonderful listings by common name and by botanical name, making
it easy to determine just which plant you are looking for. My only
criticism of their site is that there are no pictures of the plants.

Maggie MacD.

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