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I just found Old House Gardens http://www.oldhousegardens.com/index.asp for period bulbs. Scott is a wonderful help and knowledgeable historian. At least for this newbie.

The site you mentioned Iasmin, is that for the Herbal Guild, or your own site? Either way I'd love to see it if you'd post the link.


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Lots of different seeds.
Do you have a URL for your site?

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Greetings on a fine and sunny Sunday morning,

Over the last few weeks I have been periodically adding a slew of links
to our baronial website link library. As I spent the weekend tugging
weeds out of my own garden, I thought that perhaps one area that could
use work in the link library was gardens & herbcraft section. Do people
have places they shop online for period plants and gardens or gardening
supplies from period? I'm curious to know and also eager to add more
links for our "budding" plant enthusiasts in the barony.


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