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Carper, Rachel rachel.carper at hp.com
Thu Apr 8 20:33:10 PDT 2004

Good. I'll be at the mother in laws for dinner but she said I could use
her puter. I'm a pagan myself but she's making turkey for me. Sides she
never lets me help clean. Gotta go to that. 

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	Is Easter really THIS Sunday?  It kind of snuck up on me.  Hard
to know when holidays are aproaching since the decorations and sales
items in most stores are put up months in advance.  By the time the
occassion actually arrives I've usually been over it for several
weeks... So, I'm up for chatting this Sunday as well as any other.
	"Carper, Rachel" <rachel.carper at hp.com> wrote:

		We weren't talking about getting together this sunday,
which I just discovered is easter. Were we? I don't care either way but
I thought I'd ask. 


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