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I wish  more stuff like this was published in English. It's perfect for my 
personna  and my interests, but I'm just not saavy enough to read that foreign 
language.  *sigh*


> A review of a book in Spanish that might  be useful to someone, if they 
> can read  it...

Try a nearby college or university.   I purchased a  wonderful book a few 
months ago on Ebay.  Great deal in that it is an  actual book PUBLISHED in 1531 
by a landowner with both scientific and  artistic leanings on how his own 
gardens were arranged and what he planted  there and why complete with his own 
drawings and garden plan layouts.   Wonderful book at a screaming price and well 
worth it just for the artistic  sketches.  But written in medieval Italian 
I was slowly (and I do mean slowly) slogging through it, carrying  it along 
with me (well wrapped and protected) and reading it and trying to  translate it 
with my small knowledge of written French.  One evening I  was reading it on 
a break from an evening programming class when a fellow  student asked what I 
was sweating over.  I explained the problem to  her.  She said, "Why don't you 
take it to the languages department and see  if they have a student in need 
of some cash?".  
What a concept.  (I was just attending the one evening class  and hadn't 
considered the options available to me on campus)  The next  day I took the book 
along with me to the languages department and within a week  had it back along 
with a complete typed translation English.  Total  cost for the translation?  
Now other places, other times, and other translators may run you  more money  
(the gal who did the translating needed $25 for a certain  Christmas present 
for her mother) but it certainly can't hurt to  ask.   Sometimes we get so 
wrapped up in this game we play  that we forget that we do have modern resources 
and that using them for  things like translating is not a crime. <g>
Of course, that does mean that I don't have that excuse for not  buying 
foreign language books anymore, which may indeed be a crime against  my pocketbook. 

Lady Constance de la Rose
Barony of Loch Salann
Kingdom of  Artemisia

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