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>From What I have been reading Tuscan herb or Erbe Toscane is not just
one herb. It is a mixture of herbs that is usually used in a Tuscan
kitchen. The mixture is mainly made with a base of Rosemary, Sage and
Garlic, with other herbs such as fennel seed or pollen, thyme, lemon
peel, orange rind, oregano and all mixed with salt. These are put on dry
or mixed with olive oil to meats as a marinade and I have seen them
added to breads or as a dip.

The Internet has  a lot of info on it and recipes for it.

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This came form the Medieval Fem list. I thought you folk might be able 
to help?\


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I had a question about a medieval herb name "herbe toscane" that is 
known to have healing powers.
I found a mention of this herb in a French medieval romance called 
"L'atre perilleux".
A woman healer uses "l'herbe toscane" to heal a knight's wounded arm.

I am not sure if anyone has seen a reference to this herb anywhere else.

I apologize if this topic is not directly related to feminist studies 
of the MA.
It is in my case related to women healers in medieval fiction.

Any help will be greatly welcomed.

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