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> Foley, Daniel J.   editor Herbs for use and for Delight: An anthology 
> from the Herbarist a Publication of the Herb Society of America. Dover 
> Publications, NY 1974.. with an introduction written by Daniel J. 
> Foley editor.
> ISBN 0-486-23104-8
> Library of Congress Number QK83 .F64 1974
> Dewie Dismal: 581.6/3
> Current price as of 2/14/06 $8.95
> Herbs for use and for Delight
>      This volume of 323 pages is a collect of 61 essays taken from the 
> pages of “the Herbarist”  the annual publication of the Herb Society 
> of America.
>  (http://www.herbsociety.org/) .  _Herbs for use and deligh_t can be 
> broken into two parts one covering topics about the plants themselves 
> this include Burnet, Angelica Archangelica, lavenders, rosemary, thyme 
> etc. and what you can do with them. Such as “herbs in knots and 
> laces”, “A list for an old English Wort Garden”, as well as essays 
> that cover teas, herbals, spices and dyes.  This volume contains 
> several articles of interest to us.  These being the ones on the 
> English wort garden and knot gardens as well as the dyers and scents.  
> Most of the essays are accompanied by small bibliographies.  I would 
> highly recommend this book you each of your libraries.
> Pegasus

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