[Herbalist] Cat mint- Cat Nip

BJ of NZ bjofnz at yahoo.co.nz
Tue Apr 3 15:21:24 PDT 2007

yes, cat nip and cat mint are differentbut realated
plants, no they are not highly dangerous,and are often
used in tea. 
Admittedly the main difference in my garden is the
bal, rolled upon section- cat nip
and the vigourous 4ft growth of purple flowering
magnificence,-(Cat Mint tall variety.)     that the
cat only invades when I'm weeding around it or cutting
flowers- He eats the lovingly crafted tusssie mussies
I create with cat mint flowers in them.
the cat nip  even protected by a wire hair net has yet
to survive.
both grow from cuttings but survive better if grown
from seed.
B MOle

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