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Donna Spradling aislinnofcravenhest at yahoo.com
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I have discovered a very good source for Saffron Crocus!  Lynn at Satterlee's here in Oklahoma City is a SCAadian and has her own herbal beds.  She knew exactly where I needed to look and recommended that I try Brent and Becky's Bulbs on-line.  I have included the information from their catalog if this will help.  
  Happy Planting!
  Lady Aislinn of Cravenhest
  Barony of Wiesenfeuer
          Item Number: 46-0107

Genus Name: Crocus-Fall
Cultivar Name: sativus
Family: Iridaceae
Nickname: Saffron Crocus
This item needs to be planted in early fall and may be subject to separate shipping charges. As soon as we receive this item, we will ship it out to you. To see more bulbs that require early planting, click here
sativus - lilac purple with darker veins, stained darker toward the heart; in cultivation since Roman times; the original saffron crocus whose long, red, showy stigmas are used for flavoring and coloring food; early-mid fall; 4"-5"; zones 6-9; (8+cm).            10 For $4.00  |  50 For $17.00  |  100 For $28.00Order Now  
  Brent and Becky's Bulbs
7900 Daffodil Lane
Gloucester, VA 23061

        Phone:    (804) 693-3966    Fax:  (804) 693-9436

  I'm hoping and praying that this goes well,,,,my loving family says that I am fantastic at killing plastic plants!

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