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Wes Will wwill at globaleyes.net
Sun Jan 21 16:55:19 PST 2007

> So what kind of luck have people had getting
> store-bought shallots to send out green shoots so that

The shallot will give mediocre growth, more often than not, but there 
will be some if you plant it out (the entire pot, don't disturb what 
roots manage to grow in the pot over the winter).

> I just had a clove of garlic
> that had been left too long and it is now in a pot,
> and hopefully this summer, we will have lots of garlic

You should have just planted the sprouted clove out in the garden.  We 
plant the onions and garlic in October, right before the first frost is 
due.  The roots get started while the ground is cold and when spring 
warms things up you get nice top action.  If it's the greens you want 
and not root bulbs, you can start snipping as soon as they're big enough 
to give you the quantity you want.

Unless you have it in a pretty big pot (12 inch or better), I'd just 
plant it out, if the weather moderates in your area and you have a bed 
ready with room for that sort of thing.  If it's in a big pot put it in 
the basement or garage, or an outbuilding where it will be protected 
from freezing solid, and then on the south side of the house in late 
winter or early spring.  As long as the pot doesn't freeze into a 
garlic-sicle, you should get something from it.  I've made temporary 
cold frames out of old storm windows insulated with hay bales on the 
south foundation area and planted alliums, they've done just fine.

wes will

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