[Herbalist] Natural Pest Deterrents

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Diatomaceous earth does very nasty things to exoskeletons and is available at natural garden stores. Putting it in a squeeze bottle and setting up a perimeter around where your ropes are staked is easy. No idea about rodents, but the only thing we ever have problems with camping are ants and occasionally wasps. 

I thought about impregnating the canvas on my tent with something, but it's not very compatible with waterproofing. Four thieves vinegar smells of salad dressing and repels bugs well. You could hang flannels soaked in it around the outside and doors. There are loads of recipes out there for an essential oil blend to repel bugs. Mix w vodka in a spray bottle and you could see how that works to mist the tent without being so stinky. 

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On Feb 13, 2012, at 7:15 PM, Casey Thorp <wiglaf.arduisca at gmail.com> wrote:

> Having finally obtained a period tent, I was wondering if any herbalist could chime in on a natural pest deterrent that does not have a stench of rotted eggs. I'm referring to an alternative to an ole boy scout trick we used to use of spreading a line of sulfur powder around our tents to deter pests.
> I hear mint is a natural deterrent for rodents, but good luck finding a tent sized patch at a campsite. I know cinnamon and sage are useful when smoldering, but sleeping in a smoke filled tent is not a great idea.
> Any suggestions on perhaps dried/crushed/powdered herbs that have a similar effect to sulfur powder with a more pleasant odor?
> Danke,
> ~ Wiglaf
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