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Ciarnat Ciarnat at nww.net
Wed Aug 23 08:14:05 PDT 2006

Fellow SCAers,

      I have consented to be the "head"of the Waterbearer's Point at the upcoming Gate's Edge event, Drachenstich.  The event will be held at Camp Camwood on October 13-15.  This will be my FIRST TIME as the person to organize and procure volunteers to assist me in DOING GOOD WORKS FOR THE KINGDOM.  Would you be willing to sign on to assist me on my WATERBEARING MAIDEN VOYAGE? 

      If you have never done any waterbearing or it is your favorite way to help out, PLEASE CONTACT ME..  I can promise all of our hard work WILL BENEFIT MANY and you will meet many people in the process.  Any and all time you are willing to volunteer is greatly appreciated.  

      Also, if you have any tips or anything thing I should know about running the Waterbearer's Point, by all means, let me know!  All suggestions are appreciated.  

      From an SCA mom's point of view:  Waterbearing is:  Fun, Helps one meet lots of people, A way to serve fellow SCAers and Just plain good exercise. 

                                                           Thank you in advance, 

                                                             Ciarnat Of Firethorn
                                                              ciarnat at nww.net
                                                                 (281) 693-6441

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