[Hou-announce] Ansteorran Middle Eastern Dance Championship 2006, Bordermarch Autumn Melees!!!

trisha marlowe sillyzills at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 08:55:31 PDT 2006

A call out to Middle Eastern Dancers and Musicians of Ansteorra!!!
It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 4th annual Ansteorran Middle 
Eastern Dance Championship will again be held in the fair Barony of 
Bordermarch at Bordermarch Autumn Melees (November 16-20, 2006)!!  
www.bordermarch.org/Melees (the 'M' must be capitalized!)  This is an 
wonderful event held annually at a beautiful site in Beaumont, Texas that is 
complete with a castle wall!   The competition will be held Saturday evening 
following a puppet show provided by Lord Donnchad MacCannagin of Ffynnon 
Gath.  A non-competition Hafla will follow the contest.  Many thanks go out 
to Adolf the Bear, Lord Phocas and Their Excellencies, Baron Armand and 
Baroness Caitrin of Bordermarch for hosting the competition!

Dancers:  Performance time is limited to 5 minutes.  No pre-recorded music 
will be allowed.  Live musicians will provide the music for the evening.  
Documentation is required.  Please provide an index card (or something 
similar) with your name, your name spelled phonetically and a brief 
introduction to be read prior to your performance.   A mandatory meeting 
will be held Saturday afternoon to turn in documentation, determine order of 
performance (draw numbers) and turn in introduction cards.  All competitors 
must be at this meeting to be considered for the title competition.  Judges 
(which have already been chosen) will provide comment sheets and will 
consider dance ability, documentation, costume authenticity, music 
interpretation and overall audience appeal.  Bring your best!!

Musicians:  Ansteorra needs you!!!  If you are musician (whether it be 
string, wind or percussion) and are familiar with Middle Eastern melodies 
and rhythms, please consider providing your talents to this year's 
competition!  Only live music will be allowed and we need you!!  We ask that 
you attend a brief meeting just prior to the competition in order to 
participate.  There is a time limit for each dancer so we need to go over 
cues and other details.  We look forward to seeing you there!!

Unto the Populace of Ansteorra:  The largess given to the winner of the 
dance competition is legendary throughout the kingdom!  I am seeking 
beautiful items to present to our new champion and I humbly ask for your 
assistance.  Any items that may be SCA or ME dance related are needed: 
fabric, trim, jewelry, books, beads, music, pillows, etc.  You have several 
ways you can donate your item:
* Bring your item to Gothic Wars or Ravensfort Defender as I will be there
* If you are in the Conroe/Woodlands/Huntsville area contact me at 
sillyzills at hotmail.com
* If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area contact Lady Toryn Seven Stitches 
at Schubert_Donita_Len at Lilly.com or call her (817)300-4729 - she may even be 
able to pick your item up!! (I love her!!)
* If you are in the Austin/San Marcos area contact Lady Yamina at 
juliepeve at hotmail.com (she rocks!!)
* Bring your item to Bordermarch Autumn Melees and come watch the 

Thank you to all who have made this possible!!  You have my eternal 
   In service to the Dream and Ansteorra,
           ~*~ Lady Tareija

If you have a question, you may contact me at sillyzills at hotmail.com.  
Please limit to serious inquiries only, please.

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