[Hou-announce] Yule Setup

Antonello antonello.sca at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 5 19:31:48 PST 2006

good day, my friends!

as you have heard by now, Stargate Yule is quickly approaching.  As with any
event, comes the task of setting up the site.  A wonderful job indeed if you
enjoy seeing smiling faces for something that YOU made happen!

With that, I am asking...no pleading...that as many of you as possible come
assist me this Friday evening, December 8, at 6pm in preparing the hall for
for this fabulous Yule event.  The more hands involved, the less time it
will take to do the work.  If you cant be there at 6pm, that's fine.  Just
come when you can.  i hope to have the task completed between 8pm and

I look forward to seeing you.  Site is located at the corner of TC Jester
and 11th Street in Houston, Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church.

Thanking you in advance....

Ld Antonello del Bello

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