[Hou-announce] Gulf War

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 16:16:36 PST 2006

My good friends.

With sorrow I must say unto you that Our times of
peace may be finding an end.  Tales are strong and the
truth is coming into the light.  It seems that our
Allies from just 9 months ago are turning upon
Ansteorra like a ill-mannered cur.  Yes, it seems that
Trimaris is trying to usurp the rights of all Good
Ansteorrans and take us to WAR!


Yes, Gulf War will soon be upon us.  Registration is
open and ACCEPTS is on-line.

This year, I will be the Coastal Land Coordinator.

To that end, I am starting to gather the information
to assign land with in the Coastal Encampment.  As
always, we will be trying to put the period pavilions
and tents along the roads and fill in with the rest of
the tents.

So, please send me your tent footprint (including
ropes, etc.), when you will be arriving and who will
be sharing the tent so I can plan space for you.  If
you want to camp with a group (Seawinds, Greywood,
etc.) or just next to your friends, please give me
that information and I will do my best to group you

Please e-mail this information to:
chemistbb3 at yahoo.com

Please remember, the only way you will be guaranteed
space in the Coastal Encampment is to preregister and
send me your information.

William Wescot of Welewen
Loch Soilleir. Ansteorra
Land Coordinator, Coastal.

Any questions? Get answers on any topic at www.Answers.yahoo.com.  Try it now.

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