[Hou-announce] Change in address for email lists

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 19 06:59:15 PDT 2006


Recently, the good folks who run our email list servers relocated  
them in order to improve our service. As a result, we have a new  
address scheme for all email lists under the "ansteorra.org" banner.

 From now on, please address all messages to  
"nameoflist at lists.ansteorra.org". For example:
hou-announce at lists.ansteorra.org
stargate at lists.ansteorra.org
westgate at lists.ansteorra.org
gatesedge at lists.ansteorra.org
loch-soilleir at lists.ansteorra.org
ravensfort at lists.ansteorra.org

If you address your message the old way ("nameoflist at ansteorra.org")  
it will still be routed correctly, but the new way will work better  
and the servers won't have to work so hard.

By the way, the list of email lists above are all served by the Hou- 
announce list. If you are subscribed to any of those lists, you will  
receive messages posted to Hou-announce. Unless you aren't subscribed  
to *any* of those lists, but still want to receive local  
announcements, there is no need to subscribe to Hou-announce.

Yours in service,
Michael Silverhands

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