[Hou-announce] OT - new Enamelist Guild - modern (non-SCA) guild

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 10:20:28 PDT 2007

This Saturday will be a meeting of professional, semi-professional, hobbiests and students to
discuss the beginning of a new modern guild for Enamelist.  (Be advised this is not related to any
SCA guild).  A number of you have expressed interest from time to time about learning the artform
of enameling, so wanted to pass this along.  This Enamel Guild will likely be related to the
national Enamel Society and will actively work toward professional quality and gallery showings.  

Note the beginning of a modern Bead Society meeting to follow.  

I'll be attending, let me know if you plan to attend as well. 
Cheers, Hillary 

Just a reminder about this coming Saturday's meeting to form a new "Enameling Society" in the
Houston area. 
Saturday,10:00am at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston. 
If you know other enamelists not listed above, please invite them; I know there are more.

Also, at 1:00pm, there will be a meeting in the same room to form a new "Bead Society" in Houston.
If you are interested in beading, please stay (bring lunch), or come back for this meeting.  
Dottie Wood

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