[Hou-announce] Email Address - Update

ihon & Isabeau bandb.stargate at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 16:59:05 PDT 2007

A couple of weeks back I had sent an email regarding consolidating my email
address.  There is a minor point that I think I need to clarify.  When
sending anything having to do with Baronial business (i.e. award reqs, Tower
Watch, to name a couple) please use the bandb.stargate at gmail.com.  Anything
specifically to me goes to thirling at gmail.com  The bandb account is accessed
by both Ihon and me, and it also makes it easier for you -- you don't have
to email both of us individually.
Thank you.
~ihon & Isabeau~
Baron and Baroness of Stargate

John & Terri Hirling
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