[Hou-announce] March Question Of the Month

Tunello, Alyssa Alyssa.Tunello at escg.jacobs.com
Thu Feb 22 10:47:54 PST 2007

Ok Guys,


This months question was hard for me to come up with.  It is an essay
question to say the least but don't let that detour you from answering
because Inquiring minds want to know, I want to know :-)


What is one life lesson that you have learned in your SCA journey and
how has it affected your mundane life?


If you have a burning question of your own send it to me and We'll find
the answer together



Also the Word that needs to find a sentence is


Plectrum - a small thin piece of ivory, wood, metal, horn, quill, or
other material used in playing or on plucked stringed musical



Send in your answers and your submissions by 2/28.


In Service,

Signora Giovanna Bresciano


Loch Soillier  



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