[Hou-announce] Wordfame

Kathy Elliott bardkat at verizon.net
Tue Jan 9 20:19:38 PST 2007

Congratulations to Melody McGregor, who received the Sable Thistle for
Costuming at Stargate Yule Revel - er - um - I mean at Steppes Twelfth

Your Excellencies, might I suggest you contact Their Excellencies of the
Steppes to see when the annexation ceremony will be?  It seems that your own
borders now extend much farther north.  It was, after all, announced in
court that we were in the Barony of Stargate .

~ Kat

ps - Melody also submitted an amazing performance in the Eisteddfod, as did
Gerald, Alden, Wulf, and many others.  This was one of the best - if not the
best - competitions I have ever had the privilege to enter.  The Houston
area was definitely well represented.

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