[Hou-announce] Gulf Wars!!!

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 17:07:28 PST 2007

Let my words be heard through out these Coastal Lands
of Ansteorra!

(Please cross post to other list as you beleive

The time grows near when Levies for the Coastal Army
to to travel east in answer to the Call to Arms from
the Crown of Ansteorra.  There We shall met Our foe
and their allies and defeat them in all endeavors,
Arts, Sciences, Service, Rapier, Archery, Esquestrian,
and Chilvaric.  (Plus others I have forgotten...)

Have you registered to be known as part of the Levies?
 The time grows short for your will and desire to be
known.  Time grows short so that the order of march
and camping arangement maybe settled.

(Registration by check and mail needs to be postmarked
by 1/31/07.  Registration by ACCEPTS ends 2/14/07. 
You must be pre-registered to be assured land in the
Coastal Encampment.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!) 

If it is your desire to camp in the Coastal Land,
please contact me (chemistbb3 at yahoo.com) with the
information I need to layout the camp.

SCA Name:
Mundane name:
Tent footprint, including ropes:
Type of tent  (period or mundane):
Who else is staying with you in the tent:
(It is a cross reference for Pre-registration.)
Group you wish to camp with:
Arrival day:


The kind Lord who owns the large pavillion we used for
the group pavillion has offered to let us use it again
this year.  The current problem is the transportation
of the Pavillion to site since it is heavy and takes
up lots of trailer space with the top, poles, and
ropes.  It you have the means to bring it, or parts of
it, to War, please contact me so we can make
arrangements to get it to site.  If we can not find a
way to get this pavillion to site, we need to know
early enough to make other arrangements,

In addition, I have started to receive a number of
land request that include space for pavillions for
shade, storage, or group kitchen areas.  I do not have
problems with granting these requests.  That said,
(Yea, here is that HOWEVER you were looking for.) 
space for people to sleep is the priority.  What you
put up on Sunday we may have to ask you to take down
on Wednesday if space becomes a problem.  I will be
accomidating as I can.  The large pavillion, if it
makes it, is intended to be used for the whole Coastal
region to relax, cook and eat in.  It is big...

William Wescot of Welewen
Land Coordinator
Coastal Region, Ansteorra

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