[Hou-announce] How to unsubscribe

Michael Silverhands silverhands at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 18 18:41:23 PDT 2007

Greetings from Michael Silverhands, your friendly neighborhood list

A subject that comes up from time to time is "How do I unsubscribe
from these email lists?" It isn't intuitively obvious, so I should
probably post instructions every now and then.

Here are some step-by step instructions that will hopefully help
someone. These instructions should work the same for every email list
that runs on the Ansteorra server.

1) First, notice that every email list (including this one) includes
a block of text at the end of every single message. The block is
always some variant of this:

> Hou-announce mailing list
> Hou-announce at lists.ansteorra.org
> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/hou-announce-ansteorra.org

For other lists, "Hou-announce" will be replaced by the other list's  
name, e.g. "Stargate" or "Gatesedge". The very last line is a  
hyperlink to a web page:
"http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/ {name of list}-ansteorra.org".

If you want to unsubscribe from a list or change any other options,  
just click that link.

2) Your browser will display a page titled "{name of list} Info Page".

Towards the end of that page is a section "{name of  list} Subscribers".

After that is some text, "To unsubscribe from {name of list}, get a  
password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your  
subscription email address:".

Enter your subscription's email address in that field (for example,  
"myemail at address.com", without the quotes) and click the button  
labeled "Unsubscribe or edit options".

3) Your browser will next display a page titled "{name of list} list:  
member options for user {your email address}".

In the middle of the page there's a big header, "Unsubscribe".

Below that is a button labeled "Unsubscribe".

Click the "Unsubscribe" button. You should receive an email right  
away asking you to confirm the request. When you receive that email,  
follow the directions in it. Typically, just click "Reply" and send  
the message back to where you got it from, without editing, adding,  
deleting or changing anything.

Hopefully that helps. These instructions should work the same for  
every email list on the Ansteorra server.

In service,

p.s. if all else fails, you can always just send an email to a list's  
admin (me, for example) asking them to manually unsubscribe you from  
that list.

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