[Hou-announce] recycled paint resource for free - good for SCA banner use

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 18 07:00:11 PDT 2008

Received the following advisement from a co-worker.  
Might be good resource for used paint supplies for those working on branch banners for decorations.  

Mistress Branwyn from Steppes always used house paints for her fabulous banners; at minimum, you can use the whites/beige as a prime base coat on your canvas - Branwyn would buy her paints from the hardware stores reject pile for errant paint colors, then mix them for her color choices. 

Cheers, Hillary 
Pass along to your friends. This is something worth looking into. You can always take the paint to one of the building supply stores and ask them to shake the cans on the machine.  
The City of Houston Recycling program collects paint and gives it away for free.  The City of Houston has an Environmental Service Center at 11500 South Post Oak at South Main Street.  There you can drop off unused paint, fertilizer, lawn care products, cleaners and other household chemicals.  The stuff that's left is sorted, the good from the bad, then the reusable items are put on a shelf for anyone to take for free.   The center gives away hundreds of gallons of paint a month.....
Look about a third of the way down the page  

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