[Hou-announce] Bows n Bugs April 5

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Tue Mar 25 13:59:28 PDT 2008

Greetings from the Gate's Edge Archery Marshallate.

For our April date we will have our  *Bows n Bugs*  archery practice and 
crawfish boil event.  There will be no lunch meal so eat before you come 
or bring a sack lunch.  Archery practice will start at 11AM and end at 
5PM when we will start our crawfish boil.  Since a crawfish boil is a 
messy activity best done outdoors if the weather turns bad the bug boil 
will be postponed.

*RSVP* for the Bows n Bugs event no later than April 3 to Eadric is 
requested so we know how much crawfish to buy.

We will also have a Thrown Weapons practice on April 5 which will start 
at 11AM and will have a hard stop at 2PM so that the Thrown Weapons 
Marshals will have time for some Archery.  If you want to do Thrown 
Weapons it is suggested you show up at 11AM so you aren't disappointed 
when we shut down before you get your Thrown Weapons practice in.

For more information and directions see the Shire web page at 
http://gatesedge.ansteorra.org/ or contact one of the Marshals:

Baron Talmon    tt_ann at hotmail.com


HL Iaen       iaenmor at swbell.net

Lord Padraic      pbres at aol.com


HL Eadric    eadric at scabrewer.com

Please remember that archery is an outdoor activity, all activities will 
be outdoors, and you should dress accordingly.  If the weather is bad 
enough at your house that you would be uncomfortable spending several 
hours outdoors, then you might be uncomfortable at archery practice. 

Children are welcome but we request that they stay within sight of one 
of their parents at all times.

Non-archers are also invited. There is plenty of room outdoors for 
various crafts or other activities and there is always lots of 
socializing.  If you have something that can be done outdoors, bring it 
along and hang out.

In Service,

The Gates Edge Archery Marshallate

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