[Hou-announce] Stargate Chivalric Fighter Practice *this* Sunday

Jerry dreifuerst at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 22:24:30 PDT 2008

Hello to the great populous of Stargate, but especially to the fighters of
the Barony from Othar,

As you may have heard, the Knight Marshal has asked to be released from his
bonds of duty.  I have applied for this position.  One of my goals is to
improve the number and skills of the fighting lords and ladies of Stargate.

To this end I am holding Chivalric fighter practice for the Barony in
Memorial Park on Sunday afternoons.  Though not at the historical corner
where it was held for decades, the new location is directly visible from
Memorial Drive, has parking, shade and restrooms.  It is at the juncture of
where N Picnic Lane meets S Picnic Lane at Memorial Drive.  The link to
online mapping is here:
(or search google maps for: sca fighter practice stargate)

There will be opportunities for fighting and training plus space for all of
the barony's members to come out and support our stick jocks.

Bring your chairs, bring your favorite A&S, bring your garb, but most of all
bring yourselves out to Memorial Park on *Sundays* to see the SCA and
Stargate rise again.

Yours in Service to the Barony,

Othar Morganson
Full plate and packin' steel!
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