[Hou-announce] OT-Fiber and beading artists->Houston Int'l Quilt Show this weekend

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 12:15:54 PDT 2008

Fiber and beading artisans and costumers maybe interested to know that the Houston International Quilt Show is this weekend at the Geo.R.Brown Convention center.  : 

There are fiber artisans, quilt displays, beaders (who embellish fibers) and merchants gallor!   There are artisan tools and materials that go beyond just quilting...as a calligrapher, I picked up framing tools in years past.  

Quilt displays include competition categories in a variety of areas.  And this year, the news said that the Daughters of the American Revolution, for the first time ever, sent early Americana quilts to display at this show - see some of American history!

So, if looking for something to do this weekend, check it out. 
Cheers, Hillary

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