[Hou-announce] Westgate Winter Collegium09 'How To...' - July 25th, Classes-to-date!

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Thanks for your questions, I'm going to post them to the Hou-Announce, as others may have the same questions. 

Class Listings:
The class listings are being put online weekly, or as soon as we can get them there.   There maybe some additional classes added at the last minute that will be in either the site handout or the event master schedule. 

Class Schedule:  
Due to the fact that classes are still coming in (I know of 2 new one's not yet online), we may not have time to put a final schedule online, but there will be a schedule at the site.  Once we know the number of classes, I will post a start time for classes, tentatively, I'm aiming for 10am till 6pm for classes.  

Sign-Up Location:  will be at the event site, first come/first sign-in.  There will not be any early or online signup, in order to give all attendees an equal opportunity.   

Classes are still being accepted.  Please contact Lady Jennette Makepays for teacher registrations at: ecombs79 at hotmail.com

Cheers, Hillary, Steward

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ok, how are classes filling up?
is there a schedule with times?
is there a signup location?

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Subject: [Hou-announce] Westgate Winter Collegium09 'How To...' - July 25th, Classes-to-date!

Westgate Winter Collegium 09, a 'How-To' event, is fast approaching, July 25th in the Houston area.  
Classes are filling up, but there is still space available for more classes.  In addition to arts related classes, there are a number of newcomers in the Kingdom that might benefit from SCA-101 format classes in camping, events, costuming and fighting activities, as well as History of the SCA.  

With 10 indoor classes, we also have a lovely outdoor shaded courtyard for marshalling classes, please specify if students need to bring armor.  The outdoor area maybe also used for some messy classes. 

For class registration, contact Lady Jennette Makepays at: ecombs79 at hotmail.com
For more details, website found at: 

Current Class List: 
- Paternoster Beads, Some History, Some Stringing
- Spandosen - German Painted Boxes
- Construcing Leather Bottels: the Art of Pounding Sand
- Basic Dances Everyone Should Know, Just in Case
- Exchequer Policy and Procedures Class 
- Who is That, and What are they Wearing on Their Heads
- How to Pattern and Sew Bias-cut Hose
- Teriod Text Translations Using Online Resources
- How to Write Insular Miniscule Hand (Calligraphy)
- How to Write Bastarda Hand (Calligraphy)
- How to Build Period Looking Furniture
- How to Make Silk Banners (Lecture)
- How to Make Silk Banners (Hands-on)
- Pouncing: Cheeting is Period
- Heraldry at the Tournament
- How to be Cheesy, or Getting Fresh with Milk
- How to Dress like a Persian
- Four 'Truths' of Italian Swordplay
- How to Make and Use a Spindle and Distaff
- Leather Crafting and Hardening Techniques
- How to Document Bardic

What will YOU teach???

Children's Activities:  There will be a 1/2 day of coordinated Children's Activities at the event.  Also, each child will receive a goodie-bag of small hands-on items to play with and keep active with, that should please. Parents-if you want to bring additional items to slip into your child's goodie-bag, please do so.  If you are attending with a child age 8 or younger and wish a bag, please RSVP, to give us a better headcount.  

Westgate Champion: This year's champion will be choose by popular vote from those teaching! Get your handouts ready...go! 

We look forward to hosting you at our event, 
In service, Mst. Hillary Greenslade
WWC09 Steward
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