[Hou-announce] Westgate Winter Collegium - pickup fights in the courtyard

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 22 14:59:12 PDT 2009

At this weekends Westgate Winter Collegium, the church site has a lovely 
shaded outdoor courtyard and no marshal arts classes being held outside.  
It was suggested to me that the area maybe used for pickup fights during the day.  

Pickup fighting will be allowable, but only if there is an authorized Marshal 
available to maintain required paperwork that would need to be turned into 
the Steward (me), as well as moderate the fights.   Westgate does NOT have 
an authorized Marshal in either armored or rapier fighting, so one will have to 
come from elsewhere.  

So, fighters - talk among yourselves and see if any are interested. 
No Marshal - no pickup fights. 
Marshal - pickup fights allowed. 

If you wish to volunteer to Marshal, please advise me. Thanks.
Else, we will all enjoy the indoor northern chill of the 'Winter' Collegium. 
Cheers, Hillary

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