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One more item....
A banner?/mundanity cover - quartered green and black

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If you attended the Stargate/Loch Joint Baronial event, please take a look at the list of items that were recovered to see if maybe they should have gone home with you.  If any of these items are yours, please contact me to make arrangements to get them back to you.

White Coleman cooler (6-pack size), w/ red handle, no lid;
Set of five embroidery hoops, rubber banded together;
Kid's three-barrel rubber band pistol;
A pair of red handled scissors;
Writing tablet with a picture of a queen and the words "Queen Royal Decree Tablet" on cover, w/ elastic band (nothing written inside);
Ceramic mug/chalice, no handle, light green with decorative leaf bands around the bowl and the base;
Unadorned wooden mug w/ handle, heavy base to tapered top;
Unadorned glass mug, glass molded with two horizontal bands in it;
Necklace, child's?, black synthetic cord w/ white, orange, and black beads;
Necklace, w/ period target archery target medalion (gold, green white concentric circles);
Necklance, w/ pink ribbon, leather medallion w/ glass bead and red feather and stamped with a P, DT, and rainbow;
Two pavilion ropes w/ wooden tension handles;
One length of sisal 3/8-1/2 inch rope ;
A man's heavy weight, short sleeve, pleated skirt tunic? green-ish brown in color;
A small white heavy weight white shirt;
An unlined brown wool, hooded cloak, w/ safety pin closure;
A Centurion cloak w/ griffin medalion closure.

If you recognize any of these items as yours, please contact me privately.

In service,
HL Alden Drake
Stargate Seneschal
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