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Ciarnat Ciarnat at consolidated.net
Tue Jul 13 07:54:19 PDT 2010

SCA Sisters & Brothers,

       Our fellow SCAers, Engenulf de Vienville (mka Mike Wyvill) and
Alesone Lesley (mka Lori Kibodeaux) have a son, Brendan Wyvill, age 12, who
is fighting for his life in Texas Children's Hospital.

       Long story, too many details, just the facts, as I understand them:
Found by step father James, Brendan was collapsed and un-responsive after a
day of doing work on the ranch with James.  911 was called and "Lifeflight"
took him to a hospital in Lufkin, his core body temperature was 105 degrees!
The medical staff used all technology available and cooled him down to
normal body temperature and then,  Brendan was "Lifeflighted" from Lufkin,
TX to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.  He  has major organs that have
become damaged, may have been bitten by either a venomous spider or snake,
has internal bleeding, underwent some days of dialysis, and had total
replacement of all the blood in his body.

     Encouraging news comes with each passing day, there have been
improvements in Brendan's health.

     SCA Sisters & Brothers,

     Many of you asked how you could help out the Wyvill-Kibodeaux family.
I have been given permission by Brendan's mom, Lori, to post the following
which will detail what is needed.  The content is of my own composition.

     Blood donation vouchers are URGENTLY needed to put in Brendan Wyvill's
account with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  Another fellow SCA woman
was recently hospitalized, is now in good health.  She told many of us that
the units of blood required to help her, were priced at about $500.00 per

    Please take time and find the following web page giveblood.org and click
on the site Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center--Commit For Life--Donate
Blood..page will load.   Then click on About Donating Blood, located at the
top of the page.  Then click on Blood Usage Reimbursement.  This will give
you information and answer your questions on what you can do to help out.

     After reading those informative articles, use the web page to find a
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center near you and go and make a blood donation.
When you are done doing that, please call the following person, Minerva
Salinas at (713) 791-6689 (she is with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center) and
let her know that you donated blood and want to place the voucher in the
name of Brendan Wyvill, Date of Birth is June 9, he is a patient at Texas
Children's Hospital in Houston.

    From what I understand, if you do not phone Minerva Salinas and tell her
the name of the person for whom you are donating blood for, Brendan will NOT
receive the voucher in his account.

   Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center provides all blood, platelet & blood
products to Texas Children's Hospital.

    Please make time to take a visit to your local Gulf Coast Regional Blood
Center, make a donation and phone Minerva Salinas ASAP!  Also, please
forward this note to anyone that you feel would need to be notified about
this important work that will benefit young Brendan Wyvill.

    Thank you in advance for all donations, care and concern you have
expressed for Brendan and his family members.

    In Service to Kingdom & Barony,

HL Ciarnat of Firethorn

Hospitaler, Stargate

  All meaningful change begins with the right aspirations--Ken Yamashita
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