[Hou-announce] Crossbow Anyone?

Ciarnat Ciarnat at consolidated.net
Mon May 10 16:12:48 PDT 2010

SCA Sisters & Brothers,

     Is there anyone, (that is planning to attend the upcoming demo for the
Robin Hood film), that owns a crossbow and would be willing to bring it for
the archery equipment table display?

     Demo is scheduled to be at the Edwards Cinema located at I-10 @ Silber
on May 15, 2010 at 12 PM to 4 or 5 PM).

     I will bring both a longbow & recurve bow but it would be nice for the
public to see a crossbow.

     We are in need of persons to show the following:  chivalric & rapier
bouts, textile works of needle crafting, garb, and loom work, calligraphy &
illumination, handcrafting items in wood or leather, heraldry, period board
games, archers to show equipment and speak to the interested theatre

     Bring items to display from period life:  table top models of
trebuchets, catapults or ballista engines, armor, leather gear, banners,
shields, garb, regalia, period shoes, costume jewelry, hats, A & S items,

     Come hang out with your friends, speak SCA topics with the patrons,
wear fine garb (all activities will be indoors in the theatre lobby) and
show what we do.

     If anyone wants to, we can later view a showing of the Robin Hood film,
it is always better to see a period film wearing some great garb!

     Unless I receive a last minute e-mail from the manager of the Edwards
Cinema, this is my last e-mail about this demo.

     Your friends & I want to see your smiling faces at the demo!

    In Service,


    Hospitaler Stargate

   hospitaler at stargate.ansteorra.org

  All meaningful change begins with the right aspirations--Ken Yamashita
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