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Tue Apr 12 12:33:53 PDT 2011

SCA Brothers & Sisters,

       After reading the following note, I discussed it with the author,
Donnita Rogers, and told her I would post this note on assorted lists.
Please read over it, and if you can be of assistance to her, or know of
someone who might be interested, please contact her directly, via the e-mail
address located at the bottom of this note.

      I have invited her to attend the upcoming "A Viking Althing" event,
scheduled for April 29 to May 1, 2011, hosted by Bjornsborg and included the
flier on the note I sent her.

       In Service,
HL Ciarnat of Firethorn
Hospitaler, Stargate

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Subject: Local SCA events in Houston area?

Hello, Lady Ciarnat of Firethorn,
I am interested in contacting local members (in the Houston area) of SCA who
may be holding events this spring or summer. My interest is two-fold:
First,I have just published a novel about the women of Beowulf, called Faces
in the Fire and set in sixth-century Denmark, with a following book to be
set in the same period in Sweden.These tell the story of the Beowulf epic
from a female point of view, and might be of great interest to your members.
Secondly, I am looking for men dressed in chain mail (or other recognizably
Viking apparel) to join me for some of my readings and appearances in the
Houston area - to be paid, of course.
If you can give me any information about performers and/or upcoming events,
I would be most appreciative (and could send you a copy of the novel, if you
so desire).
Thank you in advance for any aid you can provide.
Warm regards,
Donnita Rogers
P.S. I used to work at the Texas Renaissance Festival near Plantersville, so
I'm familiar with SCA from that context. I am also a big fan of the work of
Marion Zimmer Bradley, who I believe was a founder of SCA.

Donnita Rogers [drdee917 at gmail.com]
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