LR - Kill a few birds.....

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Mon Aug 7 17:19:45 PDT 2000

Hey all,

	This is Sean.  I'm using Jesse's email since I mine is acting up
again.  The target butts are supposed to be at Stella's.  As of right now I
am planning on being there tomorrow night to pick them up and whatever else
I can carry.  That is if work permits.  I didn't get home until 6:30
tonight.  I plan on keeping in touch with Conor tomorrow and will try and
make alternate plans if for whatever reasons I can't make it.  Padraig, I
need a good old fashioned Irish blessing on this email account of mine.  It
is really acting squirrly :)


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This message from MagD'Leigh bounced, so I am resending it to the list.


Ok, figured I would make a mass posting vs sending out a bunch of e-mails!
This killing a few brids with one stone.. or e-mail...

1. For those who didn't make last week populace don't forget there isn't an
officers meeting this week. Its been canceled for event preperations. (why
does a commercial start running through my head but instead of being
"preperation H" its "Preperation L" with lots of folks squirming and running

2. Whoever is getting things from the storage shed tomorrow night. Mom
(Dana) asked me to give a list of what is needed for water bearing. Here it
        A.  2 pans for rinsing the bottles and caps in. (one for bleach
water, one for clean water)
        B.  as many bottles with "sports caps" as we can get. The more we
have the fewer trips the water bearers will have to make.
        C.  Dont know if this is from Elfseas shed or our Canton supplies
but I need 2 of the 5 gallon "jugs" (dont know what else to call them) one
for water and one for gatoraide.
        D.  Cups for those who come to the waterbearing pavilion in need of
drink and dont have a mug and want more than a swallow or two from the

3. Also for waterbearing but not sure who is supplying. We talked about
garotaide.. whos getting the gatoraide? We had talked about the mix.

4.  Sean, have you gotten the archery butts/targets? Or have you talked with
Fearghus to make arrangements to get them?

5.  Who is getting ice? Are we having it on site or are we making runs into
town? I will need ice to keep the water/gatoraide cold during
fighting/archery. (and we probably need it also during feast if we're having
tea and lemonaide)

Ok thats my list.


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