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Spence & Robin Mabry smabry at
Tue Aug 8 18:11:57 PDT 2000

This is to bring everyone up-to-date on the condition of HL Robin's father.

We drove to Atlanta (also known as The Barony of the South Downs) on Saturday.  We got there in roughly 14 hours (they are EDT -- which is 13 hours driving time for me).  Her father was almost non-lucid at that point.  He has cancer of the liver and a growth on his spine that 3 biopsies cannot figure out what it is.  He did not recognize Robin.  Sunday, to give Robin a break, we went to visit my folks in far east Georgia, to see my father who had had back surgery the first of July (and my mother had called me late to tell me) and he is doing great -- he is walking and moving around, although he had to sell off his ducks (wild, mandarin and mallards) which were his hobby.  He will be up and moving around with no problem (I hope) shortly.

We spent the rest of Sunday and Monday with her folks (minus time I took robin away to recharge her emotional batteries) and her father seemed to be doing a whole lot better.  He even recognized her, talked to her.  He even knew who I was.  (My father and he are the same age -- 75.)  We drove back today and got in around 6:30 p.m.  When Robin called her mother to tell her we got home safely, it appears her father has slipped back to the way he was on Saturday, if not worse.  

Robin, needless to say, is very upset about this and is just waiting for the other call to come through.  She cried for about 4 hours of the 13 hour trip home.  All your prayers and thoughts will be most appreciated.  I only hope to be able to give a verbal update on Thursday.  

Thank you, Master Sir Galen, Baron Elfsea, for posting what you did.  We gave her father an Elfsea Cap because we know Elfsea is the best place to be from and that with friends like these, we can pull through!

Lord Ceatta o'Gulcleth, COT (Calintir), COTh, COP
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