LR - 60 cm archery targets

Pookie pookie2 at
Wed Aug 9 17:48:01 PDT 2000

If Kerrick dosent have the fasteners (is that a word?) talk to Lady Inez. At
populace she had mentioned she had the "whatits" to fasten targets. I asked
her then to go ahead and bring them just in case as it never hurts to have a
back up plan, but we might want to let her know its a definate that we need


> I have them and have previously volinteered their use for the event.
> We need large nails or something to fasten them to the butts, though.
> Perhaps the owners of the butts have somethign you could borrow for
> this?
> Polydore
> yukon wrote:
> >  Lady Elizabeth and Lord Polydore,    I have been told you might have
> > 60 cm paper targets that attach to archery butts.  If you do, please
> > respond to this email letting me know if you can bring them with you
> > to Lughnasad.  I am going by Lord Kerrick's house tonight to pick up
> > Elfsea's archery butts but he's not sure if he has any 60 cm paper
> > targets to make our Royal Round legal. Thanks,Sean    Btw, if you all
> > can't find any targets I thought about using my sheep, that I know
> > Sluggy is bringing, as targets.  gotta make some use of them other
> > than give me grief ;)
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