LR - 60 cm archery targets

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I'll answer both Polydore's and MagD'Leigha's message with this one :)
Kerrick for some reason also did not have any hardware to fasten the targets
to the butts so I have asked Gilli if he may have something like that he
could bring along and I am waiting his response.  I do have target butts and
stands in the back of my truck as well as stakes, poles and ropes to mark
off the firing line and target range.  If anyone has those little tent
stakes like I've seen with Jesse's shade pavilions, those would probably
work.  The ones I'm talking about are maybe and 1/8 inch diameter, about 6
inches long and have a hook at one end.  I think they would be small enough
to piece the target butt and still secure the paper target to it.  I could
probably get some of these from Wal-Mart if needed but I'll wait for Gilli's


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I have them and have previously volinteered their use for the event.
We need large nails or something to fasten them to the butts, though.
Perhaps the owners of the butts have somethign you could borrow for

yukon wrote:

>  Lady Elizabeth and Lord Polydore,    I have been told you might have
> 60 cm paper targets that attach to archery butts.  If you do, please
> respond to this email letting me know if you can bring them with you
> to Lughnasad.  I am going by Lord Kerrick's house tonight to pick up
> Elfsea's archery butts but he's not sure if he has any 60 cm paper
> targets to make our Royal Round legal. Thanks,Sean    Btw, if you all
> can't find any targets I thought about using my sheep, that I know
> Sluggy is bringing, as targets.  gotta make some use of them other
> than give me grief ;)

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