LR - 60 cm archery targets

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Thu Aug 10 18:38:11 PDT 2000

It sounds like we got things under control as far as archery prizes and
such.  Yes, Polydore it would be great if you donated 3 of the bow stands to
the canton.  I'd like to look at them myself and maybe make me one or two.
I didn't really have anything in mind for the red leather Lady Elizabeth, so
if you don't have time to come up with something, it could be donated as a
prize.  I'll leave that up to MagD'Leigha.  I'm so far behind right now I
hope I remember where I'm supposed to go Saturday morning :)  I think I'll
have to write Canton on my alarm clock so I know where I'm headed when it
goes off.  I should be arriving onsite no later than 8:30 as long as my two
kiddos are ready to go when I swing by and pick them up on the way out.  I
would like to be out there Friday night but my work just won't make it
possible although they have told me they shouldn't be bothering me over the
weekend.  See you all Saturday morning, if not bright eyed... bushy tailed.

Laird Sean, who can't afford to give MagD'Leigha any of his hours cuz his
job took a bunch away.

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Rhonda New wrote:

> 1.    Lady Innes does have target pins; I'll ask her to bring them.
> 2.    WHAT!!! No purple ones???? (gound quivers, that is)

Fresh outa purple.  Thought the Red would shop up well at a distance so they
be less likely to get lost/misplaced.

Sean, would the archery marshall like 3 of the quivers donated to the
I intend to keep the other 3 for Polydore Pike's Personal Place to Plow
Particles into their Proper Place (Namely, the bullseye!).


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