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Tue Aug 15 15:17:55 PDT 2000

Pray forgive the multiple postings - with Pug away at Pennsic, I can't use Ansteorra-Announce.

It is my very great pleasure to announce the winner of the Bardic Competition at Lughnasad this past weekend, the Premier Bard of Loch Ruadh,
Eric Mac an Ghabhann.

The competition was one of the grandest that I have seen, and the level of performance was extremely high - the very least of the pieces were worthy of winning.  It made the judges' decision a very difficult one indeed.  The pieces ranged from period, to original, to filk, to hilarious, and were interspersed with group singing.  My thanks to my two co-judges, Lady Gwellian Hertewelle and milord Jimsaiah (not sure if I spelled that anywhere near right - I should have asked him how to spell it).

What makes Eric's accomplishment all the more amazing is that this was the very first Bardic Competition that he had ever participated in.  His sister, Kara, was a very close second, after having won the Children's Bardic Competition that afternoon for her age group (Kara is just seventeen).  

As Premier Bard of Loch Ruadh, Eric was presented with pass-down regalia of a black, red and gold cloak with the Loch Ruadh badge on the back, made by Lady Gwenllian, and a bardic staff (no bard should be without a staff, and this one reflects the character of Loch Ruadh - a little cracked, but strong, and able to stand up under most circumstances [it has three legs]).  There were also gifts for him to keep - a brass and silver-colored torque, made by Cormac MacDomnaill, a drinking horn with a beautifully made brass plate celtic dragon, made by Darius of the Bells, an attractive and functional wooden chest made by Tarkus Pengryff, and an excellent blank book donated and inscribed by HE Margery de Bray.  He has been charged with creating at least one bardic piece about Loch Ruadh and performing it at every event he attends (while wearing his regalia, of course), and with organizing and judging the next Loch Ruadh Titled Bard Competition (which his sister is already determined to win.  Better start practicing now, friends, the competition is going to be fierce).

I want to thank HE Stella Silvana for opening the circle with her story of Arnbiorn's Sword.  It was moving and beautiful, and especially appropriate as House Mac an Ghabhann had at Court earlier that evening reaffirmed their alliance with Arnbiorn's Household, Broken Axe, which had just re-formed at this year's Steppes Warlord.  Arnbiorn was my friend and brother, and I was more than a little choked up when Stella was finished with her tale.

To all the fine bards who paticipated in the competition, VIVAT!

And to Eric Mac an Ghabhann, Premier Bard of Loch Ruadh, VIVAT!!

In Service,
Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain
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