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Tue Aug 15 22:09:00 PDT 2000

Loch Ruadh is pleased to announce the results of the Lughnasad Arts and 
Science event held this past weekend.  We had a very large A&S competition 
field.  There were 18 entries for the adult class and 3 entrants for the 
children's A&S. Everyone who entered was a winner. The results are as follows:

Children's winner- Diane Cooke
Youth winner- Alexander of House Dragonstar
Teen winner- Cormac MacDomnaill

Populace Vote - Children's winner - Diane Cooke.  Diane Cooke won with a 
period dress which she cut and sewed together by herself.  She is seven years 

A judges three way tie for third place went to:
            Lady Ceinwen Ferch Rhuel - two banners
            Lady Gabrielle De Luxton - middle eastern sewing
            Baroness Dana Mac an Ghabhann - inkle weaving

Second place judges choice:
            Medb Liath - beginners spinning/weaving basket, illumination
                         and Norse necklace

First place judges choice AND Populace vote winner:
            Lady Genevieve de la Gamba - period food dishes.

Lady Genevieve generously shared her cooking skills with the populace.  The 
items on display were quite delicious and a favorite to all who sampled them.

My heartfelt thanks goes to those ladies kind enough to help with the set up 
of this event.  They kept watch on site, assisted those who were setting up 
and maintained the area until I arrived.  Without you, we would not have had 
an A&S event. 

A very large thank you goes to the judges of this event: Baroness Stella, 
Mistress Regenleaf, and Lady Tanwyn.  Thank you for helping a novice with 
their first event.

Thanks to those who helped with their time and/or donations.

VIVAT to all who entered.  VIVAT to all who voted.

Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir
Arts & Science Minister, Loch Ruadh

(please forgive any multiple postings due to pensic interuptus or 
mispellings, which are my own.)
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