LR - Stowaway

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Wed Aug 16 17:08:55 PDT 2000

I would imagine the cow in question belongs to young Kara Mac an Ghabbahn
who realized she had left it onsite after we had gotten home.  I have
forgotten to post this on the list with all my hurried schedule so you can
probably work out a deal with her.  I'm not paying any ransom either since
it's not mine to keep track of ;)  I just give them out.  Oh by the way,
speaking of cows.  Lord Wiley, you better duck.  I missed you at Lughnasad
but you got one coming ;)

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Greetings to all the members of Loch Ruadh:

I have finally finished unloading my van and found out that I either had a
stowaway or I've been driving a barn around.  I am beginning to lean toward
the barn idea from the smell of things.  And the owner of the stray cow
that has taken up residence may have to help with the cleaning bill.  If
anyone is missing a cow, they ( or her representative ) should contact me
to discuss the arrangements for it's return.  There maybe be a feed bill to
be handled also.

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