LR - Fian Ruadh Tabards

Rhonda New rbnew at
Fri Aug 18 07:53:26 PDT 2000

I can do that!  Make the tabbards, that is.
Anyone needing sewing done can contact me
privately.  I barter well   8>
May I also suggest a trip to Dallas for wholesale
fabric ~ buying a large quantity of the same
fabric/color will look much better than having
20 shades of red on the field.

/Ly Elizabeth
(with 7 years experience in a sewing factory
and many years total sewing/fabric buying)

Padraig Ruad wrote:

> Attached is a jpeg file of the Fian Ruadh tabard - this is the design we voted on last summer.  Each member of the company should try to make his/her own tabard (or negotiate with someone to make it for you).  The basic tabard is red with one inch wide black edging around the borders and neck-opening.  A medium weight trigger should prove best for durability.  This weekend, I will draw up the emblem for the front and back (black star in a yellow circle, with our flaming ember on the star) in proper size (about 9 inches across), and cut out templates so that we can all make the emblem the same size.  I'll let everyone know when they are ready.
> In Service,
> Padraig

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