LR - Fian Ruadh Tabards

Adam Harrison hookshot at
Fri Aug 18 12:16:23 PDT 2000

Back when I was in New Mexico earlier this summer, I drew up a pattern for
the Fian Ruadh tabards using the Arthurian Company tabard's Ansteorran star
as a starting point.

I found that a 10 inch circle works best.  And I thought using the Arthurian
star woudl be good so our stars matched on the field, I think it would look
good... but that's me...

Unfortunately the flaming rock part of the pattern was lost in the journey
home, but it shouldn't be too hard to replicate...

One more thing, I have a ton of red duck canvas material I will be using for
my tabard, so I don't need red fabric, however gold would be good
considering the only stuff close to that I have is bright yellow...
impressive, yes... good, in with everyone else, no...


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