LR - Conall and MagD'Leigha's moving....

Pookie pookie2 at
Fri Aug 18 13:33:53 PDT 2000

Ok folks, heres the latest update on our supposed move. The new lender has decided they want more information/aprasial information so closing has been (once again...  4th time now) delayed and is set for this upcomeing monday or tuesday. (I'll believe it when it happens) and thus makes the mass move moved. Sooooo... Instead of moving this saturday the 19th we will be (hopefully) moveing next saturday Aug 26th. (we can do the move in the heat of the day after the fabric buying if those who volunteered to help move wish to, that way everyone who wishes can do both). or would Sunday the 27th be better? I'll keep everyone posted on the house status. Keep Conall and I in your prayers that we dont kill the mortgage people before then. 


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