LR - Stowaway

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Fri Aug 18 14:05:07 PDT 2000

So now what happens, when this song is finished.  Can I suggest that Kara
sings it at Defender :)  With dads like me, who needs enemies ;)


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I love it!  Don't stop now.  Who's up to posting the next verse?


At 11:38 AM 8/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> I'll take a stab.
>> Sit right back and hear a tale,
>> a tale of a homeless cow.....
>> That started out in Lughnasad
>> became lost we know not how.....
>> It's colors were all black and white
>> Pure Holstein seems to be.....
>> No brand shows up on her hip
>> Or anywhere else I see.....
>> The weather it was getting warm
>> It was hot enough to toast
>> If not for the a/c in Bice's van
>> The little cow was roast...
>She ended up in Bice's care
>Her owner far away.
>Laird Sean proclaimed to one and all
>No ransom would he pay...

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