LR - Lugnasad Awards

Bill Osterheim Polydore at
Fri Aug 18 17:15:41 PDT 2000

Here are the Awards Presented last weekend in court at Lugnasad!

If anybody notices any errors on spelling, etc, PLEASE email me
privately, instead of cloggin up the lists.
I will be mailing in the offical repart is a couple of days and it would
be nice to get the corrections beofr then.

Robin de Shealladh - Portcullis of Elfsea
Cormick MacDomnaill - Rising Star
Seanan Mac Tighearnan - Award of Arms

Medh Liath - Award of Arms  ( I suspect my spelling of this name!)
Angelique de Ruthven - Sable Comet for Dragonsfire Tor
Conall Mac an Ghabann - Sable Comet for Loch Ruadh

Sean of Argyll - Sable Comet for Loch Ruadh
Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain - Sable Thistle for Bardcraft (or does it way
"Bardic Arts"? I didn't actually get a chance to see it)

Polydore - Herald for Loch Ruadh!

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