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Sat Aug 19 07:45:23 PDT 2000

I have a pattern, and was going to make red and black hats, however due to
my lack of funding, from not
working during my illness, and some physical limitations, have been unable
to procude, however, not to be thwarted in my effort, I do still have a

Love Gabster
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Date: Friday, August 18, 2000 6:47 PM
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>I have a basic tabbard made (doesn't have the design on it yet) in red
trigger with the black trim. It has a keyhole neck that is trimmed around
the neck and down the front slotted part of the key.  I suggest leaving off
this front verticle trim - it will look better without it once the design is
on the chest portion.
>I have been looking for some yellow-gold trigger for the flame, and it is
not nearly as easy to find as the red and black colors.
>Also, there was some talk of a reasonable number of LR, especially those
involved in the archery at defender, all wearing forest green tunics for the
event. The Lake Worth Wal-mart just got in two 25 yartd bolts of $ 1.67 per
yard broadcloth in this color. Forest Green is considerably darker than the
Kelly Green you usually see.  Are people still interested in this? I will
help with some sewing.
>Putting together several Robin Hood style hats if red/black counterchanged
colors, with a yellow feather for range officials, etc to wear was also
discussed. Does anybody have a pattern for these hats? I cannot find my hat
pattern book.
>Polydore, trying to be heraldic!
>Padraig Ruad wrote:
>> Attached is a jpeg file of the Fian Ruadh tabard - this is the design we
voted on last summer.  Each member of the company should try to make his/her
own tabard (or negotiate with someone to make it for you).  The basic tabard
is red with one inch wide black edging around the borders and neck-opening.
A medium weight trigger should prove best for durability.  This weekend, I
will draw up the emblem for the front and back (black star in a yellow
circle, with our flaming ember on the star) in proper size (about 9 inches
across), and cut out templates so that we can all make the emblem the same
size.  I'll let everyone know when they are ready.
>> In Service,
>> Padraig
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