LR - Fian Ruadh Tabards

Rhonda New rbnew at
Mon Aug 21 06:26:08 PDT 2000

Bill Osterheim wrote:

> Putting together several Robin Hood style hats if red/black counterchanged colors, with a yellow feather for range officials, etc to wear was also discussed. Does anybody have a pattern for these hats? I cannot find my hat pattern book.
> Polydore, trying to be heraldic!

Yes!  I have a pattern for the robin hood hat.  It takes all
of 2 minutes to make one.

What I REALLY need is 1 yard pieces of brightly colored
broadcloth for the pinnons (flags) that will line the archery
field.  Each yard of broadcloth makes 4 three-foot long
flags.  How 'bout a flag making/hat making night?  I have
two machines and three sewing rooms at home....

And, I have cleared my schedule for a trip to the fabric
district this Saturday!

/Ly Elizabeth

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