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Padraig Ruad padraig_ruad at
Mon Aug 21 07:35:47 PDT 2000

>From The List Administrator: 

Please remember that this is not an open list - anyone may join, but you have to be a member of the list to be able to post.  For those of you using multiple email addresses, you need to post to the list from the email aaddress that you are a member under - mail from any of your other addresses, if they are not members of the list, will be sent to me as a "bounce", so that I can decide whether or no forward it to the list. 

If you want more than one of your email addresses to be members of the list, this is okay.  Just join the list under that email address, and you will receive mail from the Loch Ruadh list to all of the addresses that you are signed up under.

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